customer service
‍‍that goes the distance

Versant is proud to serve many of the world's leading supply chains with specialized transportation solutions.

With cost, service and punctuality always at the forefront, Versant identifies the best freight modes for your needs; consolidates shipments, manages carriers, and optimizes routes.

team member

As your project goes from it's initial point to the final destination, you are supported by one dedicated team member. Each of our team members are equipped to handle every step of your project thru it's completion. This gives you one point of contact that can always be reached to answer any questions or concerns you might have.


No two jobs are the same. Stop paying one set fee regardless of your project size. Our multi-modal approach gives our team the opportunity to custom price every single project you have. Our goal is to provide truly custom solutions for your business. Trusting Versant with your project will expand your bottom line every single time.

reporting & tracking

Even with your project being watched by our team members every step of the way, it's still comforting to check in on tracking every once in a while. The reporting & tracking abilities of Versant are developed to fit every need. You'll be able to keep your watchful eye on your shipments.